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Coin retailer in Manchester, New Hampshire

For over 40 years, Bob's Coins has provided full service in buying US coins and currency, gold and silver bullion, antique pocket watches, and pre-1970 sports cards. Robert ("Bob") Lavoie turned his childhood love of coins into a West Side of Manchester establishment when he founded Bob's Coins in 1973.

By 1978, Bob moved the business to its current and prominent location on Kelley Street. Although there have been many changes that have ocurred over this period, Bob and his employees have always been adamant about ensuring a quality customer experience and an unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the coins and other products sold at the shop.
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Have you met Bob?

Bob Lavoie-Proprietor
I was born and was raised on the West Side of Manchester, New Hampshire (near where Bob's Coins is located). During my childhood years, I developed a lifelong interest in coin collecting. Initially, it was just a hobby, and I went about pursuing a college education thinking that it would stay that way. However, after graduating from Saint Anselm College in 1972, I realized that I had a good opportunity to try turning my hobby into a full-fledged business. I've never looked back, and Bob's Coins has been a great source of enjoyment in my life since then.
I eventually saved enough money to purchase the current location on Kelley Street. Bob's Coins moved there the year I married my wife, Doris, in 1978. During my more than four decades in business, I have seen many markets, including the gold spike in early 1980 as well as some lean years in the 1980s and 1990s. What has kept me in business all these years is a passionate belief in what I sell, my focus on customer service, and my willingness to charge consistently fair prices for my goods. Whether you are a collector or an investor, I look forward to helping you build the coin and bullion collection that you desire.

Bob is a noted expert in antique pocket watches and has a particular specialty in Early Howard (1857-1903) varieties. Pictured is the first edition of Bob's very own publication on these Early Howard watches
We appreciate all our loyal customers and look forward to meeting new collectors, and bullion buyers. Come on in see what we have ask what we can do for you.
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